Afcon Water Meters

About Us

Afcon Control and Automation markets, supplies, installs, and commissions projects involving remote automatic meter reading (AMR) for water meters.

The company has established strong partnerships with leading manufacturers in the field, enabling it to offer the perfect solution for providing high quality meters of all sizes, including radio communication modules (RF) for data transmission.

Reception rates for Afcon’s system approach 100% and are the highest in the industry due to their large transmission range, made possible by reception units that operate in hot backup.


Equipment and systems provided by Afcon include:

  • Water Meters and AMR Systems – A wide range of high-accuracy meters ranging from ½” to 8” in diameter that comply with international standards ISO2005, MID, and EN14154. Most are also approved by the Standards Institute of Israel. Meter types include multijet meters, Woltmann, integrated meters, ultrasonic and electromagnetic meters, all of which are ready for the addition of AMR transmission electronics.
  • Sewage Control System – The company sells and installs wireless systems for monitoring water levels in sewage trenches and for monitoring pressures in underground water pipelines. The system provides early warnings for possible flooding in the sewers, as well as unbalanced pressures in water pipes. It is a complete solution, including ultrasonic level sensors for sewer trenches, pressure sensors, RTU for data collection, solar-powered relays, wireless communication units, data collection servers, and the PULSE software for monitoring and control of the whole system.

The technology supplied by Afcon achieves excellent technical scores for tenders issued by water corporations, and this has won Afcon many major projects across Israel.