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Afcon Software Division, as part of Afcon Control & Automation Ltd., is an experienced leading global provider of software and services for management of Control and Automation systems in the age of digital transformation.

We design, develop, market and deploy advanced software solutions for management and control of automated systems, SCADA/HMI solutions, based on the most advanced technologies.

The Software Division was a world pioneer in providing Command and Control solutions for SCADA, and has more than 25 years of experience in these areas of expertise. Afcon Software, along the years, has earned vast experience and reputation both in Israel and globally, in cooperation and integration of our solutions with a wide variety of the leading control systems manufacturers of the world.

Afcon Software, together with its global network of channels and System Integrators, develops, markets and deploys the world leading PULSE suite of software solutions, for integrated command and control of automated systems in a wide variety of verticals, including:

  • Industrial control systems in manufacturing and production lines.
  • BMS – Building Management Systems
  • Oil & Gas infrastructure and utilities
  • Water and Wastewater systems
  • Smart cities and Safe cities
  • Fire detection
  • HLS and Security systems
  • Energy and Green energy management systems
  • IoT – The Internet of Things

PULSE is installed in more than 50,000 organizations and applications globally.


The PULSE suite of products includes:


  • PULSE – A robust command and Control software platform, based on SCADA/HMI methods. The software supports wide variety of applications. It includes a powerful, graphic, easy to use, Application generator that enables the client to develop its own applications, perfectly customized to its specific requirements. PULSE includes few additional modules that enhances the capabilities and contribution :
    • GIS module – to display events and systems on top of standard GIS system. That enables presenting on maps, aerial photos, and CAD drawings.
    • Historian – for effective and accurate collection of mass data in an advanced database, enabling deep analysis over time periods.
    • Video support- supporting various Video formats, mainly for security applications.
    • Event management – A module for managing events and operations diary.


  • Pulse Energy – A command and Control solution for Energy Management  (EMS). The software interfaces to a wide variety of Power meters and Power Automation solutions and enables Power metering, Billing and invoicing in various reports. It provides ideal solution for smart metering in malls, campuses, multi branch organizations, Kibbutzim, Office buildings, Modern housing solutions, Data centers and more.


  • PULSE mobile – is the ultimate solution in the age of digital transformation, enabling any organization to proactively and securely control its systems online, anywhere, anytime. The App presents the right information, to the right person, at the right location and at the right time.


  • Zeus – An innovative solution for protection of Automated Control systems against Cyber threats. These threats are considered very serious and may harm critical utilities, systems and infrastructure. Zeus was developed and based on the integration of Afcon Software many years of experience in managing control systems and deep knowledge and understanding of the Operational networks, together with the knowledge and experience of the leading Israeli Cyber experts. Zeus enables Detection, Identification, Evaluation, Management & Containment, Recovery, Analysis and Research of Cyber threats, while correlating the analysis not only with cyber network events but also with automation events. Zeus is provided with integration of the world leading solutions for OT networks analysis.


The PULSE suite of products are based on advanced technologies, including supporting Web and Cloud environments. Much efforts are invested in secured development of the software under the strict standards of the security authorities.

PULSE user interface was specifically designed by control engineers for the typical users which may not be heavily experienced users of IT systems. It enables intuitive, easy to use of the software, including while handling situations, events and failures.

Afcon Software includes teams of software development, testing and QA, Technical support, Professional services, Technical documentation and marketing and selling.

Afcon Software is represented in Israel by Afcon Control and Automation Ltd., which provides integrated customized solutions to the leading customers in the country. Our close relations with our customers in the field, give us value add of developing the product roadmap following the developing requirements in the industry, and in that sense it keeps us ahead of the competition.

Together with our global channel partners and system integrators, we are able to support your operations anywhere in the world, anytime you may need.

Our Professional Services team supports customers, business partners and professional consultants in designing the right solution, deploying the software with the relevant systems, effectively managing the project and post-sale support subject to our support and maintenance policy.


Leaders in SCADA/HMI and Systems automation



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