Afcon Security & Parking

CEO Shay Rozenblat

About Us

Afcon Security & Parking is a leading name in designing, marketing, and installing products, as well as integrating security systems. The company installs and integrates command and control (C&C) systems, video management systems, perimeter protection, access control for pedestrians and vehicles, and more. Another specialty of the company is to implement and install the advanced parking systems manufactured by Tiba, an Afcon company.

Afcon focuses on high-level planning, and delivery of systems from leading manufacturers in Israel and abroad, and their integration into a unified system. It specializes in the protection of critical sites, campuses, and high-rise buildings, in addition to access control systems for cars, and parking management systems.

The philosophy of the company is to incorporate different security subsystems them under one unified command and control system. The benefit is clear: having one unified interface for control systems such as access control, fence, intrusion, video management and different sensors, enables them to be operated by even one person, thereby achieving operational efficiency, enhancing security, and saving on human resources.

As a leading supplier of security solutions, Afcon supplies to its customers a technology platform and various state-of-the-art systems from leading manufacturers, including the Afcon-developed PULSE and V-ALERT perimeter protection systems developed by GM Afcon Technologies, parking systems from Tiba, and other systems from leading international firms such as: Pelco, NICE, Schneider Electric, Automatic Systems, HTS, ELKA, and more.


Afcon Security & Parking – leading integrator in critical site protection

Thanks to the company’s professional staff, experience, and understanding of the field, Afcon was selected to be an approved supplier for “City Without Violence” and has now worked on this prestigious project in forty cities and regions across Israel. Afcon has also been exceptionally successful in the energy infrastructure field, such as solar power stations, and has supplied dozens of integrated defense systems throughout Israel.

The company is also active in establishing security and defense projects on critical sites in Eastern Europe, Africa, Central and North America, and other locations worldwide.