Afcon Integrated Systems

CEO David Hareli

About Us

Afcon Integrated Systems specializes in the design and implementation of integrated electromechanical systems for the industrial, commercial, public, and security sectors in Israel and abroad.

The company consists of five specialized subdivisions, offering a wide range of solutions in various areas both as a provider of stand-alone professional solutions and as the general contractor of turnkey projects based on the design-build model, comprising: civil engineering, electricity, air conditioning, deep freeze, plumbing, finishing, and more. Afcon Integrated Systems provides its customers with a comprehensive solution for each project, spanning planning and construction services, all of which benefit from the experience, financial strength, and professionalism of an established company that employs only the finest engineers and technicians in the field.


One Company – Every Solution

Afcon Integrated Systems is one of the largest and longest-established companies in its field in Israel. As a market leader, it provides its customers in Israel and abroad with all the advantages of a supremely professional company, offering a range of solutions and advanced services under one roof. The company’s core advantage lies in its proven stability, experience, sophisticated technology, and engineering knowhow, in addition to its permanent staff of some 200 engineers, practical engineers, electricians, technicians, installers, and operators.

The company has gained the highest level of clearance to work on especially sensitive projects for the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Defense. Afcon also adheres to all ISO 9001 quality assurance requirements, audited by the Standards Institution of Israel.

Through its subdivisions, Afcon Integrated Systems delivers planning and implementation solutions for all sectors, including industry, commerce, academic institutions, hospitals, hotels, office towers, energy centers, and more.


The company’s activities include the following areas:

  • HVAC – The company specializes in integrated air conditioning, heating, cooling, and ventilation projects. It also offers planning and implementation solutions for converting systems in order to maximize the energy efficiency of existing facilities.
  • Cooling Systems – Through its subsidiary Eres Refrigeration, Afcon Integrated Systems specializes in manufacturing and constructing unique deep freeze systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries, among others, down to -80°C. The company also establishes refrigeration facilities and high-temperature furnaces for industrial plants in Israel and around the world.
  • Electrical Systems – The company specializes in integrated energy, communications, control, fire protection, security, and parking projects.
  • Plumbing – In this field, the company specializes in sanitary and drainage projects, fire protection, pipes for medical use, and process piping.
  • Finishing Works – The company specializes in interior work, systems, finishing work, clean rooms, laboratories, and the renovation of existing buildings as a general contractor, all under the highest certifications.
  • Integrated Systems International – As part of its international activities, the company operates and owns several subsidiaries that provide its full range of services, solutions, and advanced capabilities to customers around the world. The company specializes in supplying technologies and carrying out integrated multi-system projects, including electrical, building control, fire protection, parking, security, HVAC, heating, ventilation, and plumbing systems. It is active in, among others, Russia, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, and Africa.
  • Civil Engineering – The company specializes in planning and performing multi-system real estate projects under the design-build model, including foundation work, cladding, development, and finishing work as the general contractor (GC).