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Afcon Gas

About Us

Afcon Gas is the Israeli leader in implementing projects involving natural gas systems, including the design and construction of pressure reduction and metering stations (PRMS), design and construction of CNG compression and reduction stations, and conversion of industrial plants as part of the overall natural gas infrastructure in Israel.

In addition to its primary focus on the design and construction of stations for natural gas at low, high and very high pressures, Afcon Gas also provides complementary services, serving as the exclusive representative of several leading international companies, providing products and accessories, as well as the maintenance of natural gas systems and assorted conversion solutions for the industrial sector.


Performing Gas Projects, Naturally

Today, as Israel’s natural gas resources are motivating the development of new infrastructure, it is very possible that natural gas will become a major energy source for industrial plants. Afcon’s close partnerships with international gas companies, together with its unique in-house design and performance capabilities, have firmly established the company at the forefront of the market for design, construction, maintenance, and product supply for a wide range of natural gas-related infrastructure projects.


Professional Foundations

The company’s professional staff, including management alongside design, operations, and maintenance personnel, are all experienced engineers and practical engineers certified to work with natural gas by the German DVGW standards association. Afcon Gas products meet the requirements set by all Israeli and European standards.

Thanks to this professional team with its unique experience, Afcon Gas supplies high pressure PRMS systems, conversion projects, and CNG systems to a wide variety of customers, including government ministries, public and private companies, and factories. Afcon Gas is proud to be the only company in its field that integrates international experience and technology within the local Israeli market.