Afcon Fire & Safety

CEO Asher Lasry

About Us

Afcon Fire & Safety specializes in the marketing, design and implementation of fire and smoke detection systems. Its advanced, integrated projects comprise fire and smoke detection systems, linear fire detection, optical flame detectors, gas detectors, and gas extinguishing systems utilizing water, gas, and mist.

Within the safety sector, the company also markets and installs nurse call systems and metal detection gates.


Brand Representation & Marketing in Israel

Afcon Fire & Safety represents several leading overseas brands, and markets their products in Israel. All products sold by the company comply with all international standards and regulations The company’s projects are always fully in accordance with the stringent requirements and procedures of the Standards Institution of Israel.

With the understanding that we are dealing with critical equipment and systems, Afcon established an advanced service center with a large inventory of spare parts and skilled technical personnel for fast response to all types of malfunctions.

Thanks to its variety of quality products, professional team of engineers and installers, and extensive operational experience, Afcon Fire & Safety has become a market leader in Israel and provides products and services to a variety of major clients in the industrial, commercial, aviation, public, government, and defense sectors.