Afcon Construction

CEO Ran Yachin

About Us

Afcon Construction (formerly “Yachniuk”) is the construction division of Afcon Holdings. The company specializes in carrying out complex, integrated multi-system engineering projects for the public, industrial, government, and defense sectors, in addition to extensive development and infrastructure work.

As a market leader, Afcon Construction has acted as the general contractor for multiple projects throughout Israel, such as office buildings, R&D laboratories, sophisticated secure buildings, power plants, public buildings, academic campuses, and more. It has also led various specialized, multidisciplinary projects, including complex electromechanical systems and subsystems, all of which require highly precise expertise and experience, in addition to superior planning and performance capabilities.


Leveraging Group Strength

As part of the Afcon Group, Afcon Construction’s customers enjoy full confidence in a stable company with strong financial backing.

Afcon Construction serves as the general contractor for projects, supervising and coordinating the various specialties of the Group’s other subsidiaries, enabling customers to benefit from an authentic one-stop-shop experience. These companies provide a wide range of complementary products and services for each project, such as electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, control, fire detection, and advanced communications systems, among others. Each customer can therefore work with a single contractor who capably, reliably manages the entire project from beginning to end.


Building on Professionalism

The company’s highly qualified staff of engineers, project managers, and foremen is one of the most highly experienced and professional in the field, giving Afcon Construction the resources to handle any challenge, even in the most complex and challenging projects.

Afcon Construction’s unrivalled knowledge and understanding of its professional field, together with its many years of experience, give the company the outstanding performance and organizational skills required to manage any type of project. Afcon steers the project from its initial stages, through planning and implementation, until the project is successfully delivered to the customer’s complete satisfaction, while ensuring complete compliance with quality standards as well as time and budget constraints.