Afcon Construction Control

CEO Tsur Segal

About Us

Afcon Building Management specializes in the design and implementation of building management systems in hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, office towers, luxury apartment complexes, and large public buildings across Israel and worldwide.

Afcon provides a complete solution incorporating command and control and energy efficiency for all building systems: air conditioning, machine rooms, data centers, power systems, power consumption monitoring and reports, lighting systems, plumbing systems, generators, UPS units, and more.

This comprehensive solution is based on the SCADA / HMI PULSE software produced by Afcon Control and Automation. The PULSE delivers optimal command and control options, providing market-leading systems management tools for decision support and user-friendly operation.


Afcon offers a variety of comprehensive solutions in the following areas:

  • Air Conditioning Control Systems
  • Electrical Control Systems
  • Multi-System Integration – Plumbing, elevators, generators, UPS, & alarm systems.
  • Energy Efficiency – Afcon offers a monitoring and management solution designed to increase energy efficiency for machines, air conditioning systems and electrical installations. This energy efficiency model integrates well with both new and existing building management systems. It is based on a learning algorithm that regulates the set point values of cooling equipment (chillers) in the machine rooms.
  • Cyber SCADA Software – Afcon has operated a software house for the development of off-the-shelf software since 1985. Its leading product for industrial applications is the PULSE SCADA software – the next generation of software for the former P-CIM. PULSE is supplied by Afcon in Israel and overseas, forming the cornerstone of any significant control solution. The software provides advanced command and control solutions for advanced manufacturing plants, comprising a decision support system for control room operators, GIS system integration between national events and their locations,