Afcon Industrial Automation

Conversion of Control Systems at the Delidag Plant

Afcon successfully completed a project for converting the entire control system infrastructure at the Delidag production plant in the Beit She’an Valley, which handles the preparation of chilled and frozen fish products.

Previously, the plant had operated three obsolete control systems that had not been supported by the manufacturer, Schneider Electric, for around a decade. In the event of a malfunction, it was therefore very difficult to obtain spare parts. The control systems are responsible for, among other things, cold rooms, and downtime can cause significant damage to the plant.

Afcon’s North Branch carried out a full conversion of the existing system infrastructure in two phases. Production stoppages were carried out in the evenings to minimize failures and interruptions in the cooling system. All the new equipment was rapidly installed on new panels, and following the project Delidag received a scalable system.

The software was updated and optimized, its communications capabilities were tested, and it was adapted to the new TCP/IP requirements.

Following the upgrade, the control system now operates with a new Quantum control system using Modbus TCP/IP communications on three remote channels, including 40 cards.

Adina Hertz, manager of Afcon’s North Branch, summed up the project: “The old control center was upgraded and we installed a modern user interface – developed by Afcon. This version of Pulse can be used via the Windows 7/8 platform.”

She explained that the upgrade and switch to working with Pulse provide supervised control, a user-friendly work environment, and constant system traceability.

Hertz concluded: “Afcon was responsible for this project’s planning, implementation, and staff training. All work was carried out by Afcon, giving added value to the customer – they know exactly who to contact whenever necessary.”