Tadiran Telecom Services

Contact Center System for Medical Service Provision

  • Customer Magen David Adom
  • Main Category Computerization
  • Secondary Category Contact Center
  • Location Main MDA branch in Tel Aviv and the other dispatchers at dozens of sites nationwide

Establishing a network of contact centers based on an advanced multi-channel platform from Interactive Intelligence.

This advanced system allows MDA to handle all incoming messages by phone and various other channels, and makes the contact management process much more efficient.

The contact center system interfaces with several other MDA systems, including:

  • Database of Israeli citizens (to aid identification)
  • GIS systems, including Waze
  • Billing systems
  • Mobile systems for ambulances
  • And more…

In general, the systems are a type of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, controlling the organization’s procedures and interactions between citizens and MDA.

Furthermore, use of the system made it possible to create one integrated center consisting of several staffed MDA centers throughout Israel, which shortened the average waiting time to 3 seconds!

Customer benefits:

  • Dramatic reduction in waiting times (improved service).
  • Enhanced organizational effectiveness, including work in accordance with organized processes and business logic, providing access to information online, assigning staff to tasks by abilities/specialties, and so on.

Saving money through standardization and replacing a number of existing systems with a single system.