Afcon Industrial Automation

Safety Management Systems

Safety Management Systems

Afcon provides complete solutions for TUV-approved SIL3 safety control systems that adhere to the DIN19520/1508 standard, serving the following typical applications:

  • ESD – Emergency Shutdown Systems
  • Fire & Gas
  • BMS – Burner Management Systems
  • HIPPS – High-Integrity Pressure Protection Systems


Based on Quantum Safety PLCs, which assure robustness, reliability and adherence to standards, Afcon solutions feature:

  • Hot standby
  • I/O redundancy
  • Extensive diagnostics
  • Flexible integration between safety and non-safety applications


These solutions are mainly used in process industries:

  • Boiler protection
  • Chemical industries
  • Gas burner control systems
  • Gas systems – oil & gas
  • Power and energy
  • Petrochemical industries