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Developed by Afcon Control and Automation’s software division, which markets and deploys software products, Pulse is a SCADA/HMI program that offers technological innovation for the .Net and cloud computing age. Pulse implements an advanced approach to working efficiently with management and control programs.

One of the major advantages of the product is that it serves as a platform for handling multiple control systems simultaneously, such as industrial applications, building control systems (energy, lighting, air conditioning, fire detection), and security systems (interfaces with cameras, GIS, event log, access control, intrusion control and CCTV) with approximately 200 dedicated communication interfaces.


The program’s main features include:

  • Full compatibility with current Microsoft 32/64 bit operating systems such as Windows 7/8.1/10 for workstations and/or standalone stations and Windows 2008/2012 for servers, with support for multiple languages (particularly Hebrew, the core language of the system and application).
  • Full compatibility for working in virtual environments such as Microsoft HyperV and VMware.
  • Support for working in a thin client configuration with terminal servers such as Citrix, MS Terminal Server, allowing for access from any station without strong computational capabilities, including smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS.
  • A client/server architecture with information services running as Windows services, for regular, ongoing work with the option for spontaneous recovery in case of failure.
  • Exclusive support for independent DRC (Disaster Recovery Control) operation stations that communicate with staff in the field during emergencies and serve as additional (or as an alternative to) backup servers through hot backup (redundancy).
  • Built-in OPC and/or WCF services for communication with third party software via the Pulse database.
  • Compatibility with information security and FDA standards.
  • Built-in MS SQL server as the system’s native database, allowing for smooth integration with knowledge-intensive systems – third party programs that require access to the database.
  • Highly-efficient tools that respond to managerial needs by using Supreme Report, a built-in report generator that calculates key performance indicators (KPI) for decision-making purposes.
  • SCADA/HMI product with impressive visualization abilities.
  • Customizable work environment, including interface language.


Pulse also includes integrated tools that allow for standard deployment throughout the organization:

  • Themes and styles for creating a uniform graphic environment through presets.
  • Integration of smart objects (smart blocks/cells) for rapid application building (graphics, database) with efficient application maintenance.
  • Integration of standard .Net commands for integrating existing and future functionality.
  • Integration of built-in faceplates for common elements.
  • Layers – support for the building and display of confidential information layers in accordance with the system type (hide/reveal manually or automatically through presets).
  • Smart information – generic information screens for each element as an application diagnostics tool.
  • Remarkable simplicity when adding/updating clients using Zero Administration Clients (ZAC) technology and implementation via Microsoft ClickOnce.
  • Pulse is the only software that allows customers to log in and browse the organization’s databases from any location, using FDC Flash Disk Client technology on any online host computer, without leaving any content from the application behind.
  • Only Pulse enables the simultaneous development, viewing, or running of multiple projects (control, security, building, etc.) via a single workstation without the need to remotely take over the server.
  • Pulse offers high convenience and excellent development flexibility, with full decentralization capabilities, as well as the ability to operate and view all features from multiple departments/stations simultaneously.
  • One of the product’s main advantages is that it serves as a platform for handling multiple control systems simultaneously, such as industrial applications, building control systems (energy, lighting, air conditioning, fire detection), and security systems (access control, intrusion control and CCTV) with dedicated communication interfaces.


Recently, Afcon software has announced its new innovative Pulse 4.0 version, which includes :


  • Solutions for IoT implementation
  • Expanded capacity of data history reports and Big Data infrastructure
  • Expanded development capability of smart pipe instruments, chart instruments
  • MES application module managing production floor
  • Expanded real-time system investigation capability
  • OEM dedicated solutions and interfaces
  • Trend graph advanced new capabilities
  • Suspend Alarm capabilities in Alarms module
  • Improvements and expansion of the Audit Trail
  • Various drivers and updated protocols for leading worldwide manufacturers
  • Expanded support of virtual environment and cloud computing
  • Improved infrastructure and hardened data security product.
  • Many other capabilities and features.