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Pulse Mobile

Designed to complement Pulse, the Pulse Mobile software allows full real-time access to the control systems at any time, from any location. The software was developed to let engineers and managers access all control system data at the facility and receive, manage, and share alerts in addition to displaying real-time and historical data via a smartphone or tablet.


Emergency management tool:

Pulse Mobile provides real-time alert display and management during an anomaly or disruption at a plant. It automatically sends notifications by text message or email, so that it will always reach its destination for rapid, effective response to emergency situations. Pulse Mobile provides access to critical information and allows it to be shared with relevant staff inside or outside the facility by mobile phone. Alerts may be filtered by type and location, so staff can be provided with the most critical information in accordance with presets.


Innovative user experience:

The Pulse Mobile application solution provides a completely new “anywhere, anytime” experience specially designed for mobile devices with touchscreens. Its display features large buttons and icons to show data and perform operations in real time, including filtering text message alerts.

The application delivers easy access to data from all sites via an intuitive browsing tree. The data is organized into groups based on geographic location or system type, which have already been created on the Pulse server.


Real time and historical graphs:

Pulse Mobile can display historical and real-time graphs, with real-time trends that assist with remote analysis of the current situation. At one touch, the time scale can be switched from real-time data to various other timeframes.


Cyber Security:

Pulse Mobile has been specially designed for highly sensitive facilities. It offers secure encrypted communication, unique device verification and location-based protection according to the system’s presets. User authorization levels are inherited from a Pulse server, allowing for smooth integration.


iOS / Android

Full support of all smartphone and tablets based on iOS / Android operating systems.

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