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Private/Public Cloud Infrastructures

Private/Public Cloud Infrastructures

In today’s world, in which there are multiple channels of communication with the end customer (customer service desk, website, social media networks, etc.), organizations are committed to providing excellent service through all available communication channels.

Tadiran Telecom offers companies and organizations peace of mind through comprehensive, advanced cloud communication solutions, end-to-end warranties, professional personnel, round-the-clock support, and a secure cloud infrastructure base, including advanced features.

UC&C (Unified Communications & Collaboration) application cloud solutions allow organizations to improve their productivity, enhance operational and staff efficiency, and save time and money on overheads.

Tadiran provides its customers with a number of solutions for adopting Aeonix systems through a private or public cloud, including deployment in an Amazon Web Services environment – the first international service provider to run Aeonix cloud systems.

In order to provide professional cloud solutions for businesses, Tadiran has built an advanced, redundant switching and computer infrastructure that provides advanced unified communications services for up to approximately 100,000 users. This infrastructure includes the following services:

  • Cloud application support, management, and monitoring systems.
  • Billing infrastructures.
  • Installation of a suitable infrastructure for receiving cloud services on the customer’s premises.