Manned Pay Station

Manned Pay Station

The manned pay station is compact and modular and serves as the meeting point with the drivers before leaving the parking lot. Accordingly, the advanced station was designed to provide user-friendly, fast, and effective customer service. It can be placed in a central position for payment processing or at the exit of the parking lot.

The station was specially designed for manned payment collection around the parking lot and the result is a leading product in terms of its reliability and rapid processing of all customers leaving the parking lot.

The station enables the reading of customer cards, calculating the appropriate parking cost and taking payment if necessary. Upon payment, the car is permitted to leave the lot.

If the station is installed in a central location and not in the exit lane, it permits exit from the parking lot at a predefined time, free of charge. If the customer is obligated to pay an additional fee while leaving the parking lot due to the exceptional length of time, the station calculates the cost of the surcharge and allows payment with a credit card at the exit station.

The manned pay station supports a variety of payment methods, such as coins and banknotes with change provided, credit card payment, payment with discount stickers, coupons, and identification of a range of other validation methods.

The station’s modular design allows the connection of several entrance and exit lanes such as: barriers, vehicle detection loops, and subscriber card readers. It also has a barcode scanner to identify different validation means, and an EMV credit card reader for both PIN and chip types.

The station operates in an independent work mode (standalone) without the need for management software, or as an integral part of a larger system with an equipment management console (online). In addition, the station supports valet parking in standalone or online mode, for both subscribers and invited guests.

The station’s advanced technology also enables control of personnel and shifts. All actions taken by the clerk manning the station are documented and reported to the parking lot manager.


The pay station includes, as standard:

  • Barcode reader to scan cards, stickers, and discount coupons
  • Hard case
  • Color TFT monitor
  • Printer for receipts and reports
  • Cash transactions
  • Credit card reader
  • 18 programmable keys for discounts
  • 99 types of programmable customer discounts


In addition, the station supports the following options, depending on their availability in the destination country:

  • Customer display
  • Lightning protection
  • Subscriber tag reader
  • Connection to barriers
  • Connection to car detection sensor
  • Authorized for payment with credit card in line with the PCI standard via the TIB@Pay system.