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Harmony Gateway

Harmony Gateway

Afcon has developed the Harmony Gateway system for installation in seaports – a complete entry/exit management solution for vehicles and goods. In order to save valuable time entering the port, the trucker receives the appropriate authorization in advance from ships arriving from ports that have this system installed, without any need for further inspection.

The system interfaces with the port’s advanced operating system (TOS) and directs the trucker around the port. The integration of these processes creates an efficient, secure work environment.

The system combines a wide range of detection devices and security systems and operations, and is actually a platform that enables integration between operational management and security. The system interfaces with the TOS system and significantly enhances security as well as operational efficiency.

The system consists of many modules, such as identification of vehicles and trucks, trailer detection, identification of container codes and damage control, radioactivity inspection, integration of barriers, management of guide stations for truckers, weighing systems, RFID and biometrics systems for unique driver identification, and more. The system interfaces with many databases in the maritime community, enabling complete automation of port entry processes for trucks and goods.