Afcon Control & Automation Services

General service (service/on-call agreements)

General service (service/on-call agreements)

Service desk – 1-700-50-65-45


The company provides servicing, maintenance, and installation for a range of systems.

Solutions for equipment delivered and installed by the various divisions of the Afcon Group.

This professional service division is staffed 24 hours a day with nationwide coverage, consisting of about 90 technicians and engineers, providing service under service contracts or other business agreements.

As part of the company’s excellent service orientation and based on the understanding that the group’s systems and equipment also include critical and sensitive solutions, the company holds a large inventory of parts at the various sites of the company. In addition, field technicians keep spare parts in their vehicles to provide customers with rapid solutions.

The professional service teams have been trained, qualified and adapted for servicing Afcon Group’s wide range systems, equipment and technologies, such as: fire detection, command and control systems, security systems, panic systems and parking systems. Each team is skilled in dealing with faults within its own field of expertise.

Our service technicians are equipped with smartphones for digital and voice communication with the service desk, which effectively and rapidly directs them to the customer’s location.