Afcon Integrated Systems

Finishing Work

Finishing Work

The company specializes in carrying out interior, systems, and finishing work as the general contractor, and has extensive experience finishing office floors, laboratories, clean rooms, division of open spaces, showrooms, hotels, kitchens, cafeterias, spa facilities, gyms, and more.

The company offers customers an integrated service incorporating finishing and systems work in the interiors of new buildings and the conversion of existing buildings to meet customer needs. The company carries out projects that assimilate diverse fields, such as civil engineering, electrical works, control, communications, security systems, fire detection, air conditioning, refrigeration, and plumbing. The company’s main advantages lie in its proven ability to perform projects within a short timeframe while still maintaining its trademark high quality and always meeting stringent Israeli and international standards.

As part of the strong Afcon Holdings Group, the company benefits from stability, years of experience, engineering and technological knowledge and its permanent professional staff consisting of engineers, practical engineers, electricians, and technicians.

The company offers planning and implementation solutions as the general contractor (turnkey projects) and employs subcontractors who are experts in plastering and finishing as well as air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, fire alarm, security, and communications systems.

The company holds the highest certifications in its field and is approved for classified work by the Prime Minister’s Office and the Israeli Ministry of Defense. It is certified to the ISO 9001 standard from the Standards Institution of Israel.