Parking Exit Station

Parking Exit Station

The exit station is a modular unit that serves as the last contact point with the driver before leaving the parking lot. Accordingly, the advanced station has been designed to be user friendly and attractive, providing effective customer care. The result was the world’s leading product for reliability and rapid processing of all customers leaving the parking lot.

The exit station reads customer cards, calculates the cost of parking, and permits the customer to exit when payment is received. If payment is not made or there is a difference that the customer has to pay, the station will allow the customer to pay with a credit card and then open the barrier so the driver can exit the lot.

The exit station supports many types of payment methods such as cellular applications, prepayment, subscriber credit cards, discount stickers, coupons, and other validation methods.

The modular design of the product allows for addition of assemblies such as: AVI tags, RFID tags, MIFARE proximity tags for hotel guests, LPR/ANPR, QR barcode reader, keyboard for guest login, and other identification features.

If an LPR system is installed, the system allows the quick exit from the parking lot, without the need to insert the customer card in the exit station.

Most of the additions are part of the entrance stations, which avoids any necessity for additional stations to handle different customer types. All the information is available in the system and transmitted to the exit station. All interactions are recorded and reported to the parking management system.


The station includes, as standard:

  • Heavy-duty cards.
  • Stainless steel casing.
  • Color TFT monitor.


In addition, the system supports the following devices, depending on their availability in the destination country:

  • Credit card reader.
  • Receipt printer.
  • RFID / magnetic stripe reader.
  • Readers of MIFARE proximity tags for hotel guests.
  • Analog / digital or VOIP intercom.
  • Lightning protection for communication lines.
  • QR barcode scanner to read guest requests for pre-paid parking.