Afcon Industrial Automation

Natural Gas Control Systems

Natural Gas Control Systems

Afcon provides solutions for the control and management of natural gas decompression, compression, transmission, and distribution.

Afcon has long been the leader in this field, with vast experience managing flow meters, advanced instrumentation such as valves, as well as temperature and pressure sensors for full station control.

The solutions satisfy customers of all sizes from diverse fields, including PRMS, PRS, and CNG stations.


Afcon solutions offer three core benefits:

  • Many years of experience in the industry, with major customers such as INGL, Shapir, and Supergas.
  • Expert engineering team experienced in implementing transmission, distribution, compression, and decompression projects.
  • Precise analysis of customer requirements, preparation of functional specifications, and finding the best solution from global suppliers in this field.


The NG solution includes:

  • Preparation, support, and implementation in coordination with the gas authority
  • Command and control in explosion-proof areas
  • Redundancies at all levels: controller, I/O cards
  • Complete supply of cabinets and communications systems
  • Incorporation of Fieldbus, including HART
  • Operation of subsystems such as boilers, filtration, pressure reduction, and heating
  • Gas composition analysis
  • Interface with flow computer
  • Interface with local SCADA system
  • Real-time display based on Schneider Electric programmable controllers
  • Interface with national SCADA system to provide a general view of stations located throughout the country


Solutions for natural gas systems are implemented via a dedicated module in Afcon’s SCADA Pulse software.

The module integrates well with all plant functions, from monitoring local equipment at an unmanned station, to storing historical data for later display at the main control center.