Automatic Pay Station

Automatic Pay Station

Tiba’s Pay-On-Foot automatic pay station is compact and modular and is used by motorists for payment before leaving the parking lot. Accordingly, the advanced station has been designed to provide user friendly, fast, effective customer service, and is very easy to operate and maintain. The result was the world’s leading product for reliability and rapid processing of all customers leaving the parking lot.

The pay station reads customer cards, calculates the cost of parking, and takes payment if necessary. Calculation of payment permits exit from the parking lot at a predefined time, free of charge. If the time in the parking lot is extended, the customer will be required to pay. The pay station will calculate the cost of the surcharge and allow payment by credit card on exit. In addition, payments can also be made for subscription card renewal.

The station supports a variety of payment methods, such as coins and banknotes with change provided, credit card payment, payment with discount stickers, coupons, and identification of a range of other validation methods.

If the system is installed in a garage with LPR, the system will allow quick exit from the parking lot without needing to insert the card in the exit station.

The station’s modular design allows you to add extra units, such as: subscription card readers, RFID tags, and barcode scanners to identify different validation means and both chip and PIN-type EMV credit card readers.

Access to the pay station is secured by mechanical and electronic locks and includes identification of all actions taken by the operator controlling the station.



The station includes, as standard:

  • Heavy duty card reader
  • Stainless steel body
  • Banknote reader
  • Color TFT monitor
  • Multilingual interface
  • Printer for receipts and reports
  • Electronic and mechanical locks


The following options can also be added, depending on their availability in the destination country:

  • Coin acceptance, storage, and giving change in coins
  • Change in up to three banknote compartments
  • Proximity and magnetic reader for subscriber renewal
  • Discount coupon reader
  • Analog or digital (VOIP) intercom
  • Lightning protection for communication lines
  • QR barcode scanner to read guest invitation for prepaid parking
  • Graphic panel per customer requirements