About Us

Tiba R&D (1986) is an Afcon subsidiary that specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of intelligent terminal stations in addition to the management, command, and control software of the world’s most advanced parking systems. The company specializes in producing a comprehensive solution based on user-friendly hardware and software that supports a range of client categories and is optimized for the needs of each target market.


So Smart, So Simple

The longstanding experience, professionalism, and innovation of the company’s development engineers have made Tiba one of the world’s leading companies. Its financial and operational management software for parking lots is characterized by its high reliability, maximum flexibility, and ability to interface with other systems in accordance with customer needs. Technologically advanced, the system’s design emphasizes ease of use for the benefit of customers in various parking lots, as well as the resilience of terminal equipment within a parking lot environment.


Parking Worldwide with Tiba

Alongside its clear leadership in the Israeli market, Tiba’s innovative and advanced systems are now installed in hundreds of parking lots throughout North and Central America, Africa, and Europe. They provide a complete solution for parking lot owners and operators, and serve millions of casual users, subscribers, hotel guests, corporate services, valet parking, and more with smart management software that delivers solutions adapted to each type of customer and can charge according to predefined schedules.


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