Tadiran Telecom Services

CEO Moshe Mitz

About Us

Tadiran Telecom has been leading the communications market in Israel for over fifty years and specializes in providing solutions for:

  • Unified Communications & Collaborations
  • Customer Engagement Solutions

The company stands at the forefront of modern technology in the areas of UC&C and service centers, serving more than 1,500 corporate customers with 850,000 ports, 5,000 exchanges, and 6,500 PRI links. It also provides professional services to 200 hubs and service centers across Israel.

In addition, the company installs and maintains thousands of different support systems, most of which include advanced VoIP technology.


Your Communication is Our Business

Tadiran provides a range of business communication solutions as a comprehensive, integrated response to customer needs.

The company installs and maintains advanced communications systems for companies and organizations of all sizes, from dozens of individual users to tens of thousands of users, including governmental, public, and urban institutions; security agencies; and the finance, hi-tech, hotel, education, and medical sectors, among others.


Its products and services include:

  • Telephony and unified communications systems.
  • Business service centers (Customer Engagement Solutions).
  • Data communications and information security.
  • Cloud infrastructure for private and public businesses.
  • Service models – a methodological approach to service implementation with overall responsibility.


Service Above All

Tadiran’s installation and service team consists of 150 support engineers and communication specialists with the highest technical qualifications. The company’s skilled professional staff has extensive experience and technological know-how, enabling it to provide businesses with a range of advanced solutions and excellent service nationwide.

Its advanced service center includes 30 professionals available to support service calls. With the understanding that communication is a critical component of the organization’s normal functioning, the service center continuously monitors a variety of issues 24/7 at customer sites and provides rapid troubleshooting information whenever necessary.


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