Afcon Industrial Automation

CEO Tsur Segal

About Us

Afcon Industrial Automation is a systems house that specializes in developing, designing and implementing systems and products for monitoring and control in the industrial and organizational sectors, including automation systems, process control, cyber, telemetry, networks, SCADA from Afcon, HMI , and other equipment.

Afcon provides its customers with integrated application solutions under the turnkey model in Israel and abroad, including specification, design, and adaptation of systems to customer requirements, supply of necessary hardware and software, project engineering, training and commissioning, documentation, support, and ongoing service.

Its accumulated experience and professional engineering staff have firmly established Afcon as the leading and largest integration company in its field in Israel.


Afcon offers a variety of comprehensive solutions in the following areas:

  • Automation and Control Systems – Afcon provides a complete command and control solution for all types of manufacturing and energy plants: instrumentation, communications, and industrial controls, PULSE SCADA software servers, control rooms, and operator workstations. Afcon is the leading supplier to all industries, including chemical, electrical, mining, cement, food and beverage, refrigeration plants, packing houses, the pharmaceutical industry, and more.
  • Industrial Safety Control Systems – Afcon provides a total solution for safety systems up to SIL3 level. These systems are mainly applied in the fields of electricity, power, and industrial processing: protection of boilers, chemical processes, burner control systems, and gas systems. The application is under 1508 / Din19250 and TUV approval, including:
    • ESD – Emergency Shutdown.
    • Fire & Gas.
    • BMS – Burner Management Systems.
    • HIPPS – High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems.


  • SCADA Systems Cyber ​​Solutions – Afcon specializes in providing cyber solutions for data networks security in industrial plants, under regulatory supervision. Afcon provides cyber solutions incorporated in PULSE software, which was developed under the guidance of the state authority for information security (Israeli NSA). They are therefore the preferred solutions currently available on the market.
  • Natural Gas Control Systems – Afcon provides full control solutions for Israel Natural Gas Lines and gas distribution companies in Israel. The solution is compatible with PRMS, PRS gas stations, compression and unloading CNG systems, virtual pipeline, and national operations control rooms. Within this type of project, Afcon supplies instrumentation, including flow computers, communication and industrial controllers, PULSE SCADA servers for local sites, and software for the national pipeline control rooms. The gas control activities complement those of its sister company Afcon Gas, which specializes in the design and construction of natural gas facilities.
  • Manufacturing Systems – Afcon provides a comprehensive solution for shop floor control systems in industrial plants. They use PULSE SCADA software to connect to machines on the plant floor, utilizing advanced planning and performance procedures. The system provides financial planning reports in addition to reports on production, inventory, and KPIs as tools for analyzing and improving plant performance, optimizing work processes, and making savings.
  • DCS Process Control Systems – Afcon markets, integrates, and installsDCS process control systems. It caters to all project requirements, including conceptual design, sales, installation, and ongoing support for both hardware and software.
  • ​​Cyber SCADA Software – Afcon has operated a software house for the development of off-the-shelf software since 1985. Its leading product for industrial applications is the PULSE SCADA software – the next generation of software for the former P-CIM. PULSE is supplied by Afcon at home and abroad, forming the cornerstone of any significant control solution, The software provides advanced command and control solutions for advanced manufacturing plants, comprising a decision support system for control room operators, GIS system integration between national events and their locations, combining industrial control events with security systems and cameras, advanced analysis, historian systems, and applications that interface with smartphones.
  • Electricity Meter Reading & Billing Systems – Afcon sells and installs power meters produced by the Slovenian company Iskraemeco, all of which are approved by the Israel Electric Corporation, as well as a sophisticated billing software system that can provide reports on various consumer segments.
  • Telemetry Systems – Afcon offers a national command and control system that monitors multiple remote, unmanned sites. This solution is based on wireless, wired, optical, cellular, or satellite communications. Typical applications include: water and sewage pumping stations, water treatment plants, urban systems, power stations, PV stations, and more.