Tadiran Telecom

CEO Moshe Mitz

About Us

Tadiran Telecom develops advanced solutions for organizational communications that provide all corporate communication needs on a single platform. The company specializes in developing and selling UC&C infrastructure, as well as call centers and communications solutions for situation rooms and for command and control rooms.

The company has been operating for 50 years in 41 countries and serves more than 100,000 customers. It has extensive experience adapting very large projects in the field of organizational telephony services for the needs of end customers in the public, civil, and defense sectors.


AEONIX Cloud – The Future is Now

Tadiran Telecom develops, sells and installs an award-winning world leader in unified communications software – AEONIX cloud architecture.

AEONIX provides software-based unified communications without the need for hardware and therefore significantly reduces customer costs. It is suitable for large organizations operating from multiple sites.

The system currently supports 15,000 users. Due to demand from governmental clients worldwide, Tadiran Telecom continues to invest in development in order to significantly increase this number.

AEONIX technology provides maximum flexibility for the customer. Beyond the possibility to install the system on the client servers, it also allows complete flexibility in choosing the private cloud platform hosting the unified communications system, and thus realizes the concept of BYOC – Bring Your Own Cloud.

The system was developed with open interfaces that can be easily adapted to other solutions in terms of speed and a variety of useful applications, such as voice and speech, video, system management, recording, conferencing, report generation, and more.


AEONIX – Simply Done Right

The AEONIX system was chosen as the unified communications product of 2015, thanks to the outstanding innovation it introduced to the corporate telecommunications market. The award was presented to Tadiran Telecom by TMC, an international communications organization, due to the system’s high survival rate and proven ability to lower costs when implementing communications solutions for multi-site organizations.


The World Chooses Tadiran

Tadiran Telecom operates in a wide range of countries. Its owned subsidiary sells its products in the United States to organizations and institutions within the U.S. administration, and to a joint venture in China which has established Tadiran as one of the most successful Israeli companies in the Chinese market, and distribution in a wide range of other countries including the USA, Russia, India, Australia, and nations throughout Europe.

This international marketing and service organization serves millions of AEONIX and Coral end users in hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide.


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