Afcon Construction Control

Installation of Low - Voltage Systems in the Grand Canyon Mall, Beersheva

  • Customer Grand Canyon
  • Location Beersheva

With a scope estimated at NIS 8 million, this project included the installation of control, fire alarm, security, public address systems, and communications systems in Beersheva’s Grand Canyon mall. Despite a very tight schedule, Afcon successfully completed the installation, which included electrical and lighting control panels, security systems, safety systems, and PA systems.

Alex Shechtman, manager of fire detection and security systems for Afcon’s South Branch, relates the circumstances that led to Afcon undertaking this project: “We had to fill the shoes of the contractor that was originally awarded the project but in fact could not carry out the work. Although by that point time was severely limited, we were able to complete the project by the mall’s opening date in May 2013, thanks to the professionalism and dedication of Afcon employees.”

The Grand Canyon Beersheva is considered the largest shopping mall in Israel, covering some 160,000m2. This includes 80,000m2 of commercial space and public areas, and an 80,000m2 parking lot. The mall has 10 floors, 3 of which are used for parking, is home to some 250 chain stores, independent shops, and stalls.


As part of this service, Afcon supplied and installed:

Control Systems: Control systems for more than 100 electrical panels, lighting, transformers, and generators. These systems were installed throughout the mall and fully control the lighting conditions and various systems, including malfunction reports.

Security Systems: Access control systems and CCTV cameras, including 200 fixed and mobile IP cameras, internal and external, which are connected to a network that was also established by Afcon, anti-intrusion systems, and a communication network for security and control purposes.

PA System: Deployment of some 2,000 speakers used for emergency announcements and background music.

Fire Systems: Five innovative Simplex 4100ES hubs control more than 6,000 different elements and serve as a control center for the integration of multiple safety systems (air conditioning, elevators, electrical panels, smoke extractors, smoke curtains, etc.). The system controls more than a hundred FM-200 gas extinguishing systems. Afcon installed the first smoke extraction control system in line with the UKKL standard, which handles more than 130 smoke extractors and includes a touchscreen for extractor control and display, manual and automatic operating modes, and malfunctions shown on a computerized synoptic map.

It is important to note that all systems are linked to the main control room, where all data is displayed on four 46” LED screens and another 14 computer screens.