Afcon Construction Control

Afcon’s Pulse command and control system was selected to monitor critical systems at Sheba Medical Center

  • Customer Sheba Medical Center
  • Location Ramat Gan

This system monitors and controls the operation of dialysis machines, among others.

This system monitors and controls the operation of dialysis machines, among others.

Afcon’s Pulse SCADA/HMI system is used to monitor, command, and control systems, including critical systems, installed at Sheba Medical Center.

In addition to other tasks, the system monitors the water supply to dialysis machines, which mimic the function of the kidneys to cleanse the blood and remove waste products and toxins from the bodies of kidney patients.

Pure water is an essential element in dialysis, and the role of the Pulse SCADA/HMI system is to continuously, automatically monitor the process by which water from the main system is purified by passing through various filters.

How does the system work? The Pulse software interfaces with the controller that is programmed for data collection and analysis, and monitors the following vital activities, among others:

  • Opening and closing valves.
  • Displaying the chlorine concentration.
  • Reporting alerts and system failures.
  • Calculating parameters within the control system.

Yaakov Samuel, Chief Engineer of Sheba Medical Center, commented: “The software allows users to work easily and efficiently. Pulse saves significant time when managing the various systems. Its intuitive software interface improves the user experience. It is unquestionably a great system.”

Yisrael Levavi, Afcon’s marketing manager for the Pulse software, explained that the system is adapted to the hospital’s requirements, including being a secure system with the ability to define access rights for each user and operator, according to their role and level of authorization.