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VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection)

VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection)

Afcon is the sole authorized representative for the design, installation, operation, and servicing of VESDA systems in Israel.

The company sells and installs the unique VESDA system for the detection of smoke generated in the earliest stages of the fire.

VESDA is based on the most advanced technology, combining continuous air intake and sampling with a smoke particle detection system that uses a laser beam. The system detects particles invisible to the eye at extremely low concentration levels of 0.0015%.

VESDA systems respond immediately to changes in the minimum level of air quality and sends an alert when there is a change of 0.0015% per cubic meter (smoke in the initial stage of a fire causes a change of 1% per cubic meter).

The technology allows for detection of a wide range of sources, such as diesel fumes or PVC smoke, providing alerts in each case, in addition to a separate alert for dust.

VESDA systems are equipped with a self-test system for troubleshooting. They provide very early warning of the presence of smoke, allowing preliminary actions to neutralize the risk or carry out emergency and rescue operations in the initial stages of the fire, thus reducing property damage and production downtime.


Typical VESDA applications:

  • Clean production rooms
  • Telephone exchanges and communication rooms
  • Computer rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Safes
  • Automotive industry
  • Airplane industry
  • Automated stores
  • Museums and display rooms


VESDA systems adhere to the following international standards:

UL/FM USA, LPCB UK, VDS Germany, AFNOR France, JMI Japan, SSL Australia.