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Security Systems – Command & Control

Security Systems – Command & Control

Afcon develops, supplies, and installs its Pulse command and control system – an optimal solution for full control over the various security systems through a unified integrated system based on three core modules: Video, GIS and Event Logger.

The Pulse system has been successfully marketed worldwide and controls a wide range of security systems using communication protocols, including:

  • Access control system.
  • Fence perimeter security systems.
  • Video management system.
  • Intrusion control system.
  • Fire detection system.
  • Intercom and public address system.
  • Building control system.
  • Infrastructure management and monitoring, including telecommunications, UPS, and more.


 Benefits of the advanced system:

  • GIS module, video management, and event logging.
  • Unified operator interface.
  • User-friendly learning and ongoing operation.
  • Immediate feedback from all systems.
  • Ability to expand the system without changing the basic interface.
  • Option to upgrade subsystems, as required.
  • Events investigation is easy with dedicated reports.
  • Increased operational reliability and efficiency in ongoing operation.
  • Restricted access of unauthorized people in accordance with predefined scenarios.
  • Connectivity between different systems is made easy in accordance with specific customer needs and locations.
  • Graphic displays can be adapted and configured according to customer needs.
  • Intranet connection and remote control capability via the internet using client-server technology.
  • Built-in solutions for backup and survivability.