Afcon Water Meters

Remote Water Metering

Remote Water Metering

Afcon markets and installs wireless systems for water corporations that monitor the sewage level in municipal pits and the pressure in water pipelines, reporting water levels, suspected overflows, and excessive pressure.


The system provides a complete, comprehensive system solution: level control sensors for sewer pits, water pressure sensors, remote terminal units (RTUs) for gathering data (which run on a battery that lasts for at least 5 years), solar-powered relays, a wireless communication unit, a data collection hub, and Afcon’s own Pulse command and control software.


The control center computer displays a dynamic graphic image of the pit levels, status of pit covers, pressures in water lines, graphs, and of course alerts on any faults and adverse conditions. Any alert in the system includes preset hardware alerts, which may be transmitted by text message to duty workers and officials.

The terminal units installed in the sewer pits and on water lines are powered by batteries, providing significant cost savings as there is therefore no need to install electricity lines to the pits or water pipes. The communication network and RTUs operate on an unlicensed frequency via a cost-free wireless network.


The modular system allows for simple expansion of RTUs for additional measurements. When a new communication unit is added to the network, the unit automatically connects wirelessly to the data collection hub.


If communication fails in one of the units, the network automatically locates an alternative data transfer path (self-healing). At the same time, a corresponding report on the fault is transferred to the command and control system.