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Pulse Energy (EMS)

Pulse Energy (EMS)

An integrative, web-based system for overall command, control, and management of all the organization’s energy centers. The system manages the work mode of all energy generators and consumers: chillers, air treatment units, inverters, DX/VRF, heat pumps, boilers, solar power systems, and more.

The system monitors and gathers information in real time and processes the data to achieve maximum ongoing efficiency. The system is accessible from any computer and any location, and issues alerts for faults, inefficiency, and deviations from the defined work profile.


Key system features:

  • A unique system with a dynamic, HTML5-based interface installed on cloud servers.
  • Viewing and analysis of consumption profiles to encourage electricity saving.
  • Identifying peak demand time for electricity saving / efficiency improvement.
  • Assignment of current threshold values in order to check for maximum consumption exceeding the defined threshold for each switch and consumer over time (shutoffs) and sending alerts in the event of overruns.
  • Checking for excess consumption relative to presets.
  • Checking for excess consumption relative to parallel consumption in the previous year and sending alerts.
  • Automatically checking for differences between the upper and lower electric metering levels and sending alerts regarding unacceptable differences, such as those for water and gas metering.
  • Generating customer consumption bills.
  • Generating comparison reports.
  • Generating daily, weekly, monthly, and annual billing reports for consumption on a calendar and date-to-date basis.
  • Sending and managing email / text message alerts.
  • Full access from any location via smartphone or tablet.