Afcon Industrial Automation

Electricity Meter Reading & Billing Systems

Electricity Meter Reading & Billing Systems

Afcon provides solutions for power metering and billing based on meters from Iskraemeco, providing billing calculations for “Time of Day” rates. The meters have been marketed for over 60 years and gained the approval of the Israel Electric Corporation. The range of solutions includes single and three-phase electric meters with a direct communication line or current converter. These meters are independent, autonomous units with local data storage capabilities.


The meters support a wide range of communication media to the central computer:

  • DLC – Distribution Line Carrier
  • RS-485, communication network
  • Built-in cellular modem


As part of the integrated solution, Afcon provides a billing report package supporting various queries:

  • Meter report – daily/monthly/yearly consumption, with details of different rates throughout the day, per the predefined rates table.
  • Meter totals – report totaling daily/monthly/yearly consumption.
  • Flexible queries producing reports per meter, region, or other, with the option of exporting data to Excel.