Parking Lot Entrance Station

Parking Lot Entrance Station

The entrance station is a modular unit that is the first meeting point with drivers entering the parking lot. Accordingly, the product’s advanced engineering has been designed to be user-friendly, in line with the property’s image, conducive to entering the parking lot, and very easy to operate and maintain on an ongoing basis. The result is a world-leading product in terms of reliability and processing speed for a range of customers entering the parking lot.

The technology is based on issuing barcode cards, from a paper roll or fanfold, which can be read by any of the user stations in the parking lot and throughout the building, identification via customers’ cellphones, and identification at computer stations in businesses operating within the premises, enabling them to give their customers discounts.

The product’s modular design allows for the addition of units such as subscriber readers based on AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) antenna tag types, proximity RFID tag readers, hotel guest card identification readers, cameras for automatic identification of license plate numbers (ANPR/LPR), a keypad for a changing access code for guest identification, a QR barcode scanner for identification of invited guests, and a wide range of other identification measures.

Most of the add-ons are part of the parking lot entrance station, which spares the need for additional dedicated stations to process different customer types. As a rule, all add-ons interface with the entrance station, meaning that all actions are linked to a specific path and are reported to the parking lot management system.


The standard entrance station has:

  • Heavy-duty card issuing unit
  • Stainless steel case
  • Color TFT display


In addition, the system supports the following devices, in accordance with their availability in the destination country:

  • Proximity tag and magnetic strip readers
  • MIFARE readers for hotel guests’ proximity cards
  • Credit card readers for credit in/credit out procedures
  • Analog/digital or VOIP intercom
  • Lightning protection for communication lines
  • QR barcode reader for reading prepaid parking reservations