Afcon Industrial Automation

Production Floor Management Systems

Production Floor Management Systems

Afcon offers solutions for the control and management of production floors in industrial and manufacturing plants. Afcon has accumulated the experience and knowhow to interface the variety of ERP systems, and the operational SCADA systems. The solutions satisfy a wide range of customers of all sizes of plants.


Key benefits of these systems:

  • Extensive experience in the industry
  • Senior expert engineers in leading industries: cement, chemical, gas, electricity, water, food & beverage and more.
  • Precise analysis and functionality of customer requirements and preparation of the functional specification.


The MES solution in a plant satisfies the following targets:

  • Improved production index (OEE)
  • Setting and achieving standardized times for optimization
  • Improved maintenance structure (preventative and breakdown)
  • Interface with organizational ERP
  • Interface with operational SCADA
  • Real-time display of production factors
  • Enhanced energy efficiency while preserving production optimization, increased output, and maintenance management


Our MES solutions are implemented in a software dedicated module, part of our Pulse SCADA product.

The module integrates at all levels, and segments of the plant, from production to packaging to building management, fire detection, security, access control, and other subsystems.