Afcon Fire & Safety

Fire & Smoke detection

Fire & Smoke detection

Afcon markets systems from Tyco/Simplex, the world leader in fire and smoke detection, offering a wide range of products to satisfy all user requirements. All components of the system, such as control panels, sensors, sirens, pushbuttons and door magnets, are made by the American Simplex company and have UL/FM certification.


The product range includes:

  • Conventional fire and smoke detection system, type 4000, which is modularly built to cover 2-2500 regions, and integrates various modules for firefighting with gas, smoke release pumps, alarms, and messages.
  • Addressable control panel, type 4100ES, 4010ES, 4008, 4007, modularly built for addressable field equipment from 127 to thousands of units, which includes various programmable control algorithms.


SIMPLEX offers the integration of various fire detection systems:

  • Network 4120 – fire detection systems in a network for a large project that requires the integration of a number of control panels (up to 693), connected over a communication network. These systems enable command and control from computerized centers with the TSW graphic display system, which is highly reliable and holds UL864 certification for a fire detection system.
  • 4100ES – fire detection system with PA and fire department phone. The system has integral PA access via its main panel, including sending emergency and real-time voice messages to public areas. Messages can be selectively broadcast to separate regions or globally to all public areas. This selection can be made from a regional or central control panel. The integrated fire department phone can be used to summon on-duty firefighters. The system can also be used to play music during normal periods.
  • Alarm verification to avoid false alarms. The system includes a self-test feature to check all its components. Walk-test capability enables the adjustment of sensor sensitivity in analog systems. In these systems, the sensitivity is automatically adjusted according to environmental conditions. The Simplex system is UL/FM/ULC approved and SII certified.
  • The fire department panel is UUKL and UL864 certified.
  • The system is certified to integrate smoke detection and all safety systems, including: smoke dampers, HVAC, elevators, dampers, PA, and more.

The company has the expertise to integrate all safety systems in a single project, integrating all requirements in a building prior to occupation, in accordance with the certificate of occupancy.


SII certifications:

  • Standard 1220 part 3
  • Firefighting with gas, Israeli standard 1597
  • HVAC per 1001 part 1.1 and 2.2
  • Certification for system integration
  • Maintenance 1220 part 11