Afcon Fire & Safety

Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Afcon sells and installs Tyco tank systems for gas fire suppression. These are suitable for operation in computer and communication centers, telephone exchanges, electric panels, museums, libraries, offices, generator rooms, and industrial plants. The systems are certified by UL/FM, NFPA2001, SI, the Environmental Authority, and more.

Afcon has more than 30 years of experience handling and filling tanks from world-leading manufacturers. The company’s engineering department has developed the expertise to design and implement hydraulic calculations and computer runs for gas fire suppression systems. The company also has an advanced filling station handling all types of gas tanks.

Afcon’s fire protection expertise also encapsulates other firefighting methods, such as water, mist, CO2, foam, dry power, and more. The company provides a wide range of products and auxiliaries with UL certification, and is one of the few companies in Israel to offer a complete fire detection and protection solution, certified by NFPA and the Standards Institute of Israel.


The division designs and installs conventional and unique fire extinguishing systems, such as :

  • Water-based firefighting systems for industrial plants, storage areas, offices, retirement homes, hospitals, and parking lots.
  • Foam or mist-based firefighting systems for oil systems, tankers, and transformers.
  • Dry powder / pre-action systems for computer rooms, laboratories, utility tunnels, and residential transformers.