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Event Manager

Event Manager

As part of the Pulse program, Event Manager helps control room operators to respond efficiently to events by giving access to critical information, creating procedures and availabilities at the step by step level while managing human resources in real time. By recording each stage in the event handling process, it provides a comprehensive review of the event, allowing for effective investigation and debriefing.

Intense, high-pressure control room environments require operators to respond quickly at all times, executing protocols and procedures, locating the source of the event, and often escalating the events to various position holders. In most cases, the relevant information is based on comprehensive training, creating reliance on the operator’s experience and abilities.

The Event Manager eliminates this reliance on operator knowledge and experience by providing predefined step-by-step procedures. Each step may include predefined schedules for process completion and enforcement, which minimize the risk of human error, reduce the need for extensive operator training, and permit comprehensive event recording for future investigations.


Event Manager’s main features include:

  • Definition of user types (desk operators, maintenance people, operation team, shift supervisor, etc.)
  • Definition of worker shifts and assignments
  • Definition of event types and reasons for closing them
  • Definition of tasks to be carried out in each event and reasons for closing them
  • Definition of event severity (priority), with the relevant execution time and color
  • Option to assign cameras from the DVR system for video documentation at the time of the event
  • Definition of event handling procedures (list of tasks and their order of execution)
  • Definition of actions to be performed automatically upon closure
  • Implementation of the task (sending an email and/or text message)