Afcon Industrial Automation

DCS systems for Process Control

DCS systems for Process Control

Afcon markets, integrates, and implements process control systems based on Foxboro Evo DCS (Distributed Control Systems) from Schneider Electric.

Afcon has accumulated broad experience through its nationwide team of experts, providing service and support throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Over the years, Afcon has developed a number of utilities to increase the system’s efficiency, and now supports both the classic I/A series and all the innovations of the Evo system. Afcon is the only DCS supplier in Israel that has a professional team and offers local support for the construction of such projects.

Foxboro’s DCS systems provide the perfect solution for a host of applications from power stations to batch systems, integrating automation islands under a unified interface that offers a single window to the process.

In addition to DCS, Foxboro provides optimization software systems, intelligent alarm management, and simulators.