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CCTV & Recording Systems

CCTV & Recording Systems

The perception of security has risen significantly in recent years. There are no more local cameras and small screens, but command and control systems, integrated with CCTV systems which are varied and tailored to security requirements and displayed on screen walls using virtual matrix management tools.

Afcon represents and markets advanced equipment from NICE and Pelco in Israel – world-leading companies in the production and development of CCTV video management. Afcon also provides its customers with systems analytics to identify the behavior of pedestrians, such as crossing a line, walking in a prohibited direction, leaving an object behind, loitering, and so on. All these analytics systems from the best leading manufacturers are also integrated to fully control and monitor the supplied systems.

The combination of Afcon’s quality systems design with the integration capabilities of its expert staff forms a winning strategy for complete customer satisfaction. During its many years of activity, Afcon has installed command and control solutions and security systems in critical sites, ports and airports, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals and public buildings, shopping malls, and office towers.


Afcon video solutions include:

  • CCTV cameras with IP technology and MP resolution
  • Thermal cameras
  • IR lighting systems
  • Video management systems and virtual matrices
  • Video walls for large displays
  • Video analytics for outdoor environments
  • Face detection / recognition
  • Suspect detection systems
  • Video communication systems