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Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems

Afcon represents, sells, and installs TAC building management equipment and systems from Schneider Electric.

These systems provide a comprehensive solution for command, control and supervision of a wide range of building systems, including: optimizing air conditioning systems for energy efficiency, controlling the building’s electrical systems, obtaining information and generating reports on energy consumption, controlling lighting via sensors or scheduling, and the monitoring and control of plumbing systems, generators, machine rooms, electrical panels, and more.

The DDC-based system is automatic, modular, and specially designed for building management on both the software and hardware levels.

The control computer regularly reads different data controllers and sensors that are installed throughout the building, identifies various operation modes, and performs a range of control activities such as activating and deactivating fire extinguishing systems, sending alerts, and more, all in accordance with software settings and predefined scenarios.

The system includes a database of applications with schedules and functions (mathematical, logical and control), and allows multiple applications to run simultaneously for control, interfacing, and sharing information between different applications.